BAD INTERNET is a digital gallery for browser-based work hosted on a very unreliable free server. Connection is throttled, we host ads alongside art, the space is filled with bloat, going down frequently.

The internet posits itself as a public, free space and obscures the infrastructure beneath it. Our memories and lives are given the abstract imagery of clouds. We trust the offloading of memory to these devices when in truth, the internet is an ephemeral space of privately-owned public spaces, designed for decay and forgetting, optimized to be controlled by the few—an unreliable artifact.

In response, BAD INTERNET recognizes the transient, inconveniences, transgressive, hostile1 parts of the web and reveals them unto us—everything once gated, everything unclean, everything that hundreds of millions of internet users are exposed to on a day-to-day basis. In this space, live amongst these harsher realities of the internet to embrace it : its frictions, aggressions, instabilities. Most ironically, it is in revealing these mechanics outright that BAD INTERNET might be more truthful than other spaces on the web. Here, things fall apart at any moment, and it is known, we are conscious, we are temporary, we decay with it.
(This statement is a work in progress.)

Nothing will be mirrored, nothing will be preserved, nothing will be done against the rot of links and the decay of the internet, everything will break—but this does not mean that nothing is worthy of saving.


All work hosted on BAD INTERNET is also available for purchase as a flash drive. This helps us pay for our $0.00/month server costs.

Any work, precious or not, that is interested in playing with presentation under these constraints. There will be gatherings, marketing, opportunities for talks (with better internet connection), etc. in connection to programming conducted with BAD INTERNET — the area of disconnect is in where the materials are hosted.

We are welcome to hosting work permanently and temporarily (e.g. in an exhibition period, or something)

More information about the constraints of the BAD INTERNET server may be provided upon request, or you can gleam it from the irremovable server host banner on our website.

If you are interested in publishing or hosting art on BAD INTERNET, contact our Director & Proprietor Chia Amisola at

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